A milestone birthday created with a group of close friends who shared wonderful stories about the guest of honor.

What Our Client Says

Thank you so much for the great performance of You! The Musical you did for my big birthday party last week. Everyone in town is still talking about it. From the first conversation I had with you I was sold. You were so easy to talk to and really took the time to learn about me (from my family and friends) to make this performance so amazing! The end result is that you nailed it. You and your writers really wrote lyrics about me that were so spot on and funny and the singers were such great talents, personable and so much fun to watch and listen to… it couldn’t have been better!! Again, thank you for making my birthday so special!

Wendy Joblon

New Media Writer

I’m writing to thank you for the unbelievable job you did on my wife’s show. I just couldn’t believe how you took the info I sent over and turned it into something so funny, so on target, and so amazing. The performances were way beyond what I was expecting – just fantastic. As soon as they started to sing, I could feel the whole room get excited. And thanks for making it so easy for me. Trying to keep it all a secret was hard enough for a guy like me. You made this part of it simple (at least from my perspective). I wanted to do something really special for her and I honestly can’t imagine anything that could have topped that. Thanks again.

Bruce Bromley

Affiliate Press Writer

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